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What Will This Blabber Say?
Helps preachers proclaim with Holy Spirit boldness,
and with clear communication, the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.
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Latest Book

What Will This Babbler Say?

When Paul came into the city of Athens and went to the Areopagus—the Greek word for Mars Hill—philosophers of the city heard him preach what sounded, to them, like illogical and irrational thoughts. They questioned him by asking “What will this Babbler say?” The word babbler is the Greek word spermalogos, which is the image of a bird that picks up and drops seeds.

This book has been prayerfully written to help all babblers—preachers who proclaim with Holy Spirit boldness, and with clear communication, the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Pastor

Dr. Benjamin Baker

“Engaging God’s world through the Word”

With close to fifty years of pastoral experience, Benjamin Stanley Baker is widely known as a preachers preacher. Benjamin felt and understood the power of the Word of God and the great gift and calling he had been given to preach, teach and write. Over the years, he has pastored churches in Kentucky, Texas and Michigan in addition to teaching at Bible colleges and seminaries. Currently, Benjamin is the Pastor of the Church of Abundant Life in Southfield, Michigan, continues his over 20 year career as a professor at the University of Michigan and is a noted author of fifteen published books.

Benjamin has refined his craft of preaching and teaching, earning his Bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of Louisville, two Master’s degrees in both Education and Divinity and his Doctoral degree in Ministry, all from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Today, Benjamin travels for preaching and teaching to a variety of countries in Africa, Europe, and cities throughout the United States.

Benjamin’s life is enriched by his loving and supportive family. He has been married for over forty-five years to his wife Carol, whom he affectionately calls his “Inn in the Wilderness”. They are the proud parents of four children Brian, Beth (Jeff), Benne and Bennice (Maurice) and four grandchildren, Vivian, Brianne, Joshua and Morgan.

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From Our Pastor


What do you know? What is it that you do not know? What do you wish you knew? Do you know that you know or do you think that you know?

Knowledge has diverse dimensions and a plurality of perspectives. Your understanding can become your undoing and your reasoning can run you into remorse and regret. Thinking can be a dangerous thing; not thinking can cause self-destruction. What do you know?

Do you have Exact Knowledge? Exact knowledge is factual data on a specific subject or object. Knowing that one plus one equals two is exact knowledge. Knowing that water is wet, that fire will burn you, or that no single snowflake is the same – is exact knowledge. Exact knowledge is non-argumentative and non-debatable. It is so because it is so.

Pastor Benjamin Baker

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